3 Environmental Signs A Daycare Is Focused On Learning


If you are getting ready to put your child into daycare, you are probably taking tours of the top child care centers you are interested in. While visiting child care centers, it can be difficult to figure out which centers really care about teaching your child and which centers care more about entertaining your child. Here are three things to look for during your tour that will show you the daycare you are interested in is set up for learning.

9 June 2015

3 Signs That A Charter School Is Student-Centered


As a parent, you will want to be certain that the school you choose is going to be best for your child. One of the ways to make sure that a school is in your child's best interests is to make sure that it's student-centered. A student-centered school is one that always puts the needs of the student first and is dedicated to making sure that a student succeeds. This goal is ahead of pleasing the school board, making money, or improving athletic facilities to host tournaments.

5 June 2015