3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Debating On Sending Your Middle School Child Back To School


Having a preteen who is in middle school can be really rough. Not only do they have a lot going on, but they also need a lot of socialization, which is what made quarantine so hard. Now that most schools are opening back up again after a full year of online learning, some parents are faced head-on with deciding whether to send their child back for in-person learning or keeping them in an online curriculum. To help you weigh your options, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself and your child before you make a decision. 

1. Are They Less Distracted At Home? 

Middle school is where your child will learn a lot more about math, science, literature, and writing, all of which can help them prepare for high school. If your child is too distracted when they are at school because of friends, then keeping them home may help them buckle down and really focus on their studies. 

2. Are Their Friends Toxic or Are They Being Bullied? 

Middle school can be really rough for most kids; especially if your child is being bullied or if their social life is too consuming. If your child is caught up in the wrong crowd or they are being bullied at school, then keeping them home may help to boost their self-esteem and avoid any toxic friendships. Even if your child isn't being bullied, but they are hanging out with kids who have bad behaviors, keeping them away from those kids may help them find friends who have similar attitudes and values. 

3. Is There An Online Curriculum That Will Help Them Learn? 

During quarantine, just about every parent across the globe learned just how hard it is to teach kids at home.  If your child has struggled being at home and has had a hard time learning, then sending them back to school may be the way to go. However, your child may also not have been equipped with the proper learning tools that they need. Before you make any decision, look into an online middle school curriculum program and see what kinds of tools they have to offer. A lot of these programs will have more tools than your child was given through their school during quarantine; which can help them learn more. 

There is no right choice for everyone when it comes to either keeping your kids home or sending them back. Keep these things in mind when you are looking into sending your child to school or keeping them home.  


7 May 2021

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