Three Ways To Help Your Child Get Into The Best College


The process of applying for college is a stressful event. Your kids are under a lot of pressure to make sure that they present themselves in the best light. This encompasses test scores, grades, extra curricular activities, recommendations, and essays. As a parent, you are also under pressure to help them. That said, there are many things available that you can utilize to assist you with the process. You do not have to go it alone. So, this article will present two simple methods of helping you and your teenager in their college application process. 

Hire An Essay Writing Coach

The college application essay is a very important part of your teenager's application packet. You do not want them to write it quickly, like some homework assignments that they rush through the night before it's due. If your teenager is perhaps not the most eloquent writer, you want to help them by hiring an essay writing coach. These coaches will help them craft their thoughts and compose a beautiful essay. Even if your teenager's best subject is English, you still should hire an essay writing coach. The reason to hire an expert is that the college essay is a very particular type of essay. The admissions counselors read countless essays every season, so you want to make sure that your teenager's piece stands out. Expert writing coaches will have a clear understanding of what these admissions counselors look for and will be able to work with your teenager to compose something that is both unique and impressive, while also clearly adhering to the school's requirements. 

Private Tutoring For The SAT

The SAT is the biggest standardized test for prospective college students. A high score can make or break a college admission. The best thing to do is to sign your teenager up for a special tutoring class that is designed to help them with the SAT. The courses can either be group-taught or done private tutor style. The group courses tend to be split taught. One section deals with the math section while the other deals with the verbal section. The stronger math students have one tutor, while the weaker math students have a separate. This is helpful because if your teenager happens to be strong in math, they won't have to go over basic concepts. The same process holds true for the verbal section. 

However, if you have the means, private tutoring is a more intense and customized approach. You can get a tutor who will only work with your teenager. The benefit of this approach is that your student will get customized, one-on-one guidance. The entire session will be dedicated to their unique needs. Contact local private tutoring options to learn more.


12 August 2019

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