Maintaining Accountability When Starting An Exercise Program


If you decided you wish to lose a few pounds, you are most likely going to start an exercise program to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Many find when they start to exercise, they start out with good intentions and then slowly blow off doing the exercises needed to keep up with the shedding of weight successfully. There are a few ways you can set yourself up with methods of accountability to help you keep up with the exercises you need to do to get to the weight you desire. Here are some tips you can use to help you stay on track with the exercises you need to do to get to the magic weight number you are awaiting to see when you step on your scale.

Purchase A Gym Membership

If you purchase a membership to a local gym, like the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, you will be more inclined to go there to do the necessary work you need to do to lose weight. Those who use a pay by session method are more likely to miss workouts when they do not have the funds on hand to go to the gym. Knowing that you had paid a bit of a higher price to use the gym when you wish will psychologically push you to go there more often as you will want to get your money's worth in exercising sessions.

Join A Gym With A Friend

When you have a partner to share exercise time with, you will be more likely to want to do the tasks needed to achieve your goals. This is a great method for both you and your partner to lose weight together and you will be both be able to hold each other accountable for getting the exercise you both wish. It is also fun to share time with someone you have a bond with, making it a social event in addition to keeping healthy.

Track Your Progress

Keep a journal with information about the dates you do your exercises, how long your sessions last, and which individual exercises you had completed. This will help you diversify the types of exercises you do as you will be able to look back at your notes to see which body parts are not being targeted as often. You can then tweak the types of exercises you perform so you give each set of muscles the attention they need.


29 December 2016

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