Starting Daycare: A Parent's First-Week Survival Guide


Choosing to place your kid in a childcare program is a major decision, and you have undoubtedly run into tons of information about how to help your child transition. Yet, it is normal for parents to experience some anxiety, too. After all, it can be hard to let go after knowing what your child was doing almost every moment of their life. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ease your worries while making sure that every member of your family is ready for the first week in a new childcare program.

Do Your Research

During those first few days, you will often find yourself wondering if your child is safe. Yet, you can allay your fears by asking pertinent questions during your initial tour of the program. This guide by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services outlines critical safety questions to ask that can help you assess potential daycares. Knowing that you have chosen a quality child care program can provide reassurance that your children are in competent hands.

Create a Special Ritual

During the first week, drop-off time can be stressful for both children and their parents, and a soothing routine can leave you both with a happy memory. For some parents, staying a few minutes to read a book with their child is calming. If you worry that your child will still balk when it is time to leave, then consider trading pictures or a special bracelet that you will exchange again at pick-up time. Not only will this reassure your child that you will return, but you can enjoy this happy memory if you find yourself worrying throughout the day.

Treat Yourself

Parental guilt and worry could creep in the moment you walk out the door, so take some time to pamper yourself a little during this first week. Add a little extra time in your morning routine so that you can grab a cup of coffee from your favorite restaurant or spend a few minutes reading your favorite book. As you do so, remind yourself that your little one is immersed in fun learning activities at the same time. Enjoying a calm moment will help to soothe your nerves so that you can better manage your day's responsibilities.

Whether you are returning to work or just want your child to benefit from a quality learning program, the first week can be a rollercoaster of emotions. While you know that your child is in the best environment, it is normal to miss them and worry about their wellbeing. By being prepared with these strategies, you can easily transition through the first week while looking forward to the exciting new experiences that you and your child will enjoy in their new childcare program (like D & J Educational Inc).


4 February 2016

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