4 Tips For Preparing Your Child For Preschool


Studies show that attending a high quality preschool helps prepare your child for later academic success by teaching them foundational skills they will use their whole lives. Just because you know your child will benefit from preschool doesn't mean they're automatically ready, however. Transitioning from staying at home to attending preschool can be a little overwhelming if you don't prepare your child. Here are four effective ways to do just that:

Visit the School First

If your child is already familiar with their new preschool, it will seem much less intimidating. Take advantage of any open houses or "meet the teacher" events your new preschool offers before the school year begins. Let your child meet their new teacher, explore the classroom, and even play on the playground. This way, when preschool begins they will already associate it with positive experiences.

Practice Being Separated

If your child has been glued to your side since birth, the transition to attending preschool can be a bit jarring for both of you. Instead, begin practicing healthy separation and independence in the months or weeks before they begin preschool.

Bring them to daycare for a few hours here and there while you run errands, go to the gym, or clean the house. Hire a babysitter or leave your child with a trusted and fun family member for date night with your spouse. Soon, spending time with other trusted adults will feel normal and not scary.

Build Excitement

Your child will pick up on your attitude about preschool, so be sure to show them how fun and exciting you think this time will be. Let them pick out a cool backpack and make a big deal of what a "big kid" they are now that they're attending school. Bring up preschool in conversation and keep your tone positive and enthusiastic.

Make Sure They're Potty Trained

Many preschools require potty training before a child is allowed to attend. Even if your new preschool doesn't require potty training, making sure they're trained before school starts leaves you with one less thing to worry about. Follow proven tips for potty training your child and talk to your pediatrician if you run into any problems or concerns. Remember that small children still have accidents even after potty training, and consider sending your child to preschool with clean underwear just in case.

By preparing your child for preschool, their first school experience will be stress-free, fun, and rewarding. Go to sites for more information.


11 December 2015

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