Looking For Day Care? Understanding What Montessori Facilities Have To Offer


When it comes time to choose a daycare environment for your child, the process can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of care facilities, and each one has its own values and educational methods. Montessori child care centers are one popular option, particularly for parents who want to foster a sense of independence and artistic ability in their young kids. If you've never seen a Montessori facility, you may be wondering what the hype is all about. Here is some information that can help you understand what Montessori facilities are and what they can do for your child.

Understanding Montessori Daycare

Upon entering a Montessori-style childcare center, you'll find that the room is divided into workstations. Each workstation has its own space where kids can safely explore the area independently. Each station should be focused on a specific core skill like math, life skills, and sensory development.

The primary focus of Montessori workstations is the arts. You're sure to find many different stations in the space with different types of art materials and musical instruments. Kids will be exposed to music and songs every day as part of the natural environment.

Exploring the Montessori Lessons

The overwhelming message from a Montessori learning environment is that of respect. Kids are taught the importance of respecting themselves, others, and the environment around them.

  1. Respecting People – One of the most important lessons that kids learn in Montessori care centers is how to respect the people around them. Kids learn from an early age that everybody has some form of value and should be treated as such. As an example, kids are taught that they must ask someone before getting involved in something that someone else is doing. They learn about appropriate communication, helping words, and consideration. Additionally, kids learn about what words are considered hurtful so that they know what not to say. For kids with siblings in the house, this can sometimes translate into more respectful communication with them as well.  
  2. Respecting Supplies – Another key message delivered in the Montessori care environment is how to respect tools and play materials. Kids are taught the proper way to handle all of the supplies. In most care centers, the importance of cleanup after play is also highlighted. Kids are expected to put everything back in its place after a lesson or play time. Another thing that kids learn as part of caring for supplies is how to watch where they step. It is not permitted to walk over items or work areas in a Montessori classroom. This can often encourage kids to take better care of their toys and supplies at home because they learn to appreciate the things that are available to them.

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23 June 2015

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