Diabetic And Glucose Disorder Diagnosis In Infants And Toddlers – Will Daycare Work?


When your infant or toddler is diagnosed with diabetes or another glucose-related disease, your life will quickly change. Does this diagnosis mean your child can never be cared for in a preschool or daycare setting? Absolutely not. As long as you choose the right caregiver, prepare the caregiver for the special needs of your child and take care of your daily planning properly, your young child can still attend preschool or daycare. Here's a few words of advice that can help you ensure your child is in good hands while you are away.

Interview the Caregiver

You will have to be a bit more selective as to what daycare facility you take your child to. Interview the caregiver and spend time talking about what your son or daughter will need during the day. Be sure that the caregiver understands the consequences of what can happen if your child does not get the care that he or she needs exactly as you have instructed.

Finding a caregiver that is willing and able to take on a special needs child can be challenging. Not every facility is equipped or capable of providing this level of individual care. But, don't choose the one that accepts your child – be selective and choose the one that you feel comfortable and confident with.

Prepare the Caregiver

Schedule some time with the caregiver when he or she is not watching over anyone else's children. You need to have his or her full attention as you inform the caregiver of what needs to be done to properly care for your child. Teach the caregiver:

  • How to monitor blood glucose – when and how often to do the testing
  • How to administer insulin and other required medications
  • The symptoms of low and high blood glucose
  • How to use a feeding tube pump if needed
  • Create a list of foods that your child cannot have at any given time
  • A folder full of information about your child's diagnosis so that the caregiver can be fully informed of the health risks and treatments required

Plan for the Day

Each day, before you take your little one to preschool or daycare, be sure that you have planned for the day.

  • Create a schedule of where you will be at all times with contact numbers beyond your cell phone.
  • Pack snacks or formula with times written on them to make it easy for the caregiver to know when to give your child the food needed to sustain healthy glucose levels.
  • Pack all of the testing supplies, insulin and other medications that your child will need during the day.
  • Include somewhere your child's pediatrician's direct phone number.

Taking your child to preschool or daycare can be stressful for you and the caregiver, but when done right, your child's time spent at the center can be as safe as it would be at home with you.


16 June 2015

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